The 3 Hottest Apps For Anonymous Messaging (Including Sexting)

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Buzzzzzword alert! EPHEMERAL is the answer to the NSA’s attempts of snooping into our SMSs, emails and IM messages.

Messaging apps that auto-destroy text messages after they have been read, that is.

That’s right. Self-destructing text messages are our spy tools of choice to fight off the governmental spies and a natural consequence of . Ephemeral messages have a long history in the cinema, too. Inspector Gadget’s mission briefings always went up in smoke. So did the message for Ethan Hunt in Mission Impossible II.

These are the best currently available apps for hiding text messages. Which one suits you best? Find it out!

1. SnapChat

  • What: Sending photos to your friends that will auto-delete themselves after MAX 10 seconds. Snapchat is already a classic among teenagers. Mainly used for sexting. Even though, it turns out sexting isn’t quite safe with SnapChat.
  • How: Snap a picture, add some text, set how long your recipient can watch it and off you go.
  • Why it’s hot: Takes the bread out of Facebook’s mouth while being on Facebook’s shopping list. Prevents revenge porn.
  • Cons: Has security issues. January 2014: user data exposed and 16-years-old finds another security flaw and retrieves the Snapchat boss’ mobile number. Screenshots could be made.
  • Availability: Android, iOS
  • Price: Free

2. Confide

  • What: Text only. Confide is SnapChat for business users but without images. I’m pretty sure that makes it uninteresting for sexting teens. Unless they resort to ASCII Art (NSFW), of course.
  • How: Type text and choose recipient from email contacts. After reading, the message will disappear from the recipient’s phone – who cannot see the whole text at once but needs to swipe over hidden words in order to reveal them (this is called the “wand” feature).
  • Why it’s hot: Enables texting about sensitive business issues, such as difficult employees. Screenshots are impossible because of the “wand” feature.
  • Cons: NSA-level encryption strength. Doesn’t sound like an advantage to me these days. Not at all.
  • Availability: iOS
  • Price: Free

3. Wickr

  • What: Basically, an encrypted chat app. Submits texts, images and videos to your friends using a secure end-to-end connection.
  • How: It’s simple. Choose from your phone contacts and start a chat window. Transmit text messages, images and videos. Set an expiration date (from 1 second to 5 days). After that, the messages are not accessible anymore.
  • Why it’s hot: It’s like WhatsApp but without its security flaws and privacy troubles. Can’t be easily intercepted.
  • Cons: Uses the crypto standards AES (good) and RSA who allegedly accepted money from the NSA to build backdoors into its algorithms.
  • Availability: Android, iOS
  • Price: Free

I like these ephemeral messaging apps. At the end of the day, the Internet is all about communicating with each other – and many of our private conversations are being intercepted. We can’t just stop communicating, but we can put a stop to being shamelessly nosed out – by simply encrypting and deleting our communications. The less invasive this works, the better.

My recommendation

For private belongings, I’d turn to Wickr, while I’d use Confide for business belongings. I am not going to use Snapchat for three reasons:

  1. It is not 100% secure
  2. I don’t want to sext
  3. At an age of 32, I don’t qualify as a teenager anymore

In my view, all three have a right to exist, especially after the Snowden revelations. Snapchat has its flaws, but it can (partially) prevent private images from appearing on revenge porn web sites.

What’s your take on this? Which ephemeral apps do you use? Let me know!





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